Attorney Natalie A. Brown

Principal Attorney


Ms. Brown has always had a compelling desire to be an advocate for those who would otherwise be overlooked, or their stories remain silent. From her own personal experiences, Ms. Brown understands that many defendants will feel pressured or intimidated into accepting guilt. For those very reasons, Ms. Brown thoroughly asses every case and will ensure that the client is fully informed of the risks they may face moving forward in the criminal process, and will accept a client's desire to fight the case, providing rigorous representation through every step of the process.  

During law school, Ms. Brown pursued an internship at the San Diego County Office of the Public Defender where she gained exceptional knowledge and experience through representation of indigent offenders. There she learned the importance of vigorous representation, to exhort every possible avenue of defense for every client, to advocate for their constitutional rights. 

Ms. Brown understands that every case, every client is unique and tailor's her presentation of each case address the originality of the client and the situation at bar. 

In furtherance of her passion and desire to represent clients, without restraint, Ms. Brown opened her own firm in 2017. 

Ms. Brown works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for all of her clients. She works with them at every stage of the case, so they are never left out of the progress of their own case.